• Fully Tiled 12m x 6m
  • Heated
  • Auto-Chlorine Dispenser
  • Auto-Ph Level
  • Large Patio
  • Large Pool house with Games Room
  • Flat Bottomed - so no deep end



This superb swimming pool is a glass tiled pool and measures approximately 12m x 6m. As with all pools it needs to be kept clean and hygienic. In this case it has been installed with a chlorinator which turns salt into chlorine and keeps the water sparklingly clear and clean without burning the eyes. The pool is also installed with an automatic Ph balancing regulator which keeps the water at constant Ph. So maintenance is as automated as possible.

At the side of the pool there is a pool house incorporating all of the technical controls but also a small games room and a seating area out of the sun for when it is too hot and for warm summer evenings. 

At the rear of the pool house there is a heat pump that can keep the water temperature constant and warm, even out of the main holiday season. Again once set the temperature is controlled automatically.

The properties sit on 1.5 hectares of established gardens. More trees have been planted in recent years and the gardens are looking better each year.